Welcome to Garden and Roads

Our goal is to provide artfully crafted flowers and a customer experience that will have you returning again and again.  Each bouquet or arrangement is a unique piece of floral art to be enjoyed.  We source many flowers from our own gardens, locally or from the New England Flower Exchange.  Located in Medford, Massachusetts, we create flowers for events in New England and deliver custom arrangements to the greater Boston area. We are committed to applying environmental values to our craft, providing cost transparency for event planning and creating experiences that bring joy!

What is Floral Artistry? It is the expression of the artist's imagination using flowers and skill to create objects appreciated for their beauty and emotional power.  

Why Gardens?   There is nothing like the feeling of creating something beautiful from something you've grown with your own hands.  It's good for the environment and good for the soul.

Why Roads? I love to cycle and after a long career in technology, I am starting down the proverbial 'road less traveled' by launching Garden and Roads.  I'm hoping that you would like to learn more and travel a little bit of that road with me. 

We will be closed July 13th - 19th

A well earned vacation!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!